Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Do Numberi finally makes it!

This post has been written by Rajiv Rai, and is posted on his behalf.

Amit Varma had been the perpetual runner-up in this season's edition of the quizzes, several times the bridesmaid, but never destined to climb the altar. But it all changed this Sunday at the Pinstorm office. In the company of Samrat Sengupta and S Balakrishnan, he took the lead from the first written round, and built on it to finish 3 questions adrift of the closest competition. It mattered little that the questions dealt with the sublime [what connects Kafka, Pinter and Bradman - adjectives formed from their names use the ending -esque] or the ridiculous [songs sung by Sanjay Malakar in his squeaky quest for the American Idol] - these were answered with equal aplomb and equanimity.

The battle for second position was a humdinger, with Rishi Iyengar, Ameya Samant and Mukund Krishnan slugging it out against Rajiv Rai and Dhananjay Shettigar. While all eyes were on these two teams, Ashwan Lewis, Ajith Prabhakar and Kedar Shastry quietly toted up the points and with a question to go, could have stolen the second position. Sadly, that was not to be and the first two mentioned teams tied for the second position. Even a written tie-breaker could not split the deadlock and the points were split.

This quiz was billed as a "Meghasyam special," and so it turned out to be. Good questions, diced up with good humour and regularly punctuated with questions on the Bombay Underground and Dogs, kept the team on their toes.

Detailed list of standings in the quiz, and individual rankings are given below.

1st with 30 points
Amit Varma
Samrat Sengupta
S Balakrishnan

2nd-3rd with 24.5 points (tied)
Rajiv Rai
Dhananjay Shettigar

Rishi Iyengar
Ameya Samant
Mukund Krishnan

4th with 23.5 points
Ashwan Lewis
Ajith Prabhakar
Kedar Shastry

5th with 20 points
Anand Sivasankar
Vibhendu Tiwari
Devang Ghia

6th with 15 points
Govind Grewal
Sarat Rao
Rahul Bhaskar

7th with 13.5 points
Pradeep Ramarathnam
Souvik Basu

8th with 9.5 points
Sireesh Rao
Nrupal Choudhari

And now, the league standings:

BQC Season Two Standings (as of August 27, 2007)

59.5 points

Rajiv Rai (from 7 quizzes)

39.5 points
Rishi Iyengar (7)

38 points
Amit Varma (7)
Ashwan Lewis (6)

29 points
Pradeep Ramarathnam (8)

28 points
Mahesh Murthy (5)

27 points
AP Alagarsamy (7)
Prasann Potdar (5)
S Balakrishnan (6)

24 points
Amit Pandeya (8)
Anand Sivasankar (8)
Kartik Srivatsa (4)

22 points
Ajith Prabhakar (7)

19.5 points
Ameya Samant (7)

19 points

Govind Grewal (8)

18 points
Sumant Srivathsan (5)

17 points
Kedar Shastry (5)

16.5 points
Dhananjay Shettigar (8)

15 points
Vibhendu Tiwari (8)

14 points
Devang Ghia (7)
Samrat Sengupta (3)

12.5 points
Mukund Krishnan (2)

11 points
Ajay Ravindran (3)

10 points
Aravinda Talluri (1)
Avinash Mudaliar (4)
Neeraj (1)
Nilesh Jain (1)
Tanmay Sharma (2)
Gaurav Singh (1)

8 points
Hanisha Vaswani (5)

7 points
Akshay Mahajan (1)
Meghashyam Shirodkar (1)
Nandan Krishnaswamy (4)
Ravi Venkatesh (4)
Rahul Bhaskar (2)

4 points
Francis Rodrigues (4)
Padma Sinha (3)
Pranav Kukreja (1)
Sireesh Talluri Rao (4)
Sushant Raut (5)
Udatta Duarah (1)


CyZfus On Skis said...

Very nicely written. Kudos. Just one thing, I believe the word ( about Ashwan's team ) should be "totted" not "toted". Ain't that so ? regards, B

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