Friday, August 22, 2008

All hands for Mr Rodrigues

The 10th BQC quiz of Season 3 takes place tomorrow, and will be conducted by Francis Rodrigues. You are free not to come -- but then, you are also free to jump off your friendly neighbourhood skyscraper. All we can do is tell you what's good for you.

The details:

Who: Francis Rodrigues

When: 3:00 pm, Sunday, August 24, 2008 (Please be there by 2:40 pm)

Where: Pinstorm, Ground Floor, Swati House (Next to Kotak Bank on Linking Road), North Avenue, Santa Cruz (W).


From the south: If you come north on Linking Road from Bandra to SantaCruz, you'll find a large Benetton Store on the right. At the end of that block is a Kotak Bank at the corner. Take a right and it's the next building, take the first gate and tell the sentry you've come for a meeting.

From the north: If you get on to Linking Road at the airplane park end, you'll cross a HDFC Bank. A block later, you'll see a Kotak Bank on the corner - do not cross it. Take a left at that point and it's the building next to Kotak Bank.

Newcomers are welcome at BQC quizzes, and do not need to form teams before coming. Teams are normally formed by a draw of lots at the venue itself, and everybody gets to take part. The questions are generally not the boring "you-know-it-or-you-don't" types, but accessible and workoutable ones. Got it? Understood? Come then!

The results of the last quiz and current league standings are here.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Last Question

There is no quiz more exciting than one that is decided on the last question. That's exactly how the last BQC quiz, conducted in two parts by Shiv Anant Tayal and Rahul Gaur, ended. When the last question was asked, with two points at stake, four teams had a chance of winning the quiz. Which team won? My team won. This post would otherwise have been too traumatic to write.

Both halves of the quiz were good, with many workoutable questions. It could be argued that there were a few sitters and chestnuts, and few questions went all the way around, but it was good fun nevertheless. Here are the results:

1st with 35 points
Amit Varma
Ananya Deb
Rohit Ajitkumar
Ameya Samant
Rushi Bhavsar

2nd with 33 points
Aadisht Khanna
Atulya B
Kaustuv Gupta
Vijay Shankar

Tied 3rd-4th with 31.5 points
Rajiv Rai
Sireesh Rao
Sumit Roy

Sumant Srivathsan
Souvik Basu
Sarat Rao
Mukund Krishnan

5th with 30 points
Govind Grewal
Ajith Prabhakar
Atul Mathew
Jenish Shah

Tied 6th-7th with 26.5
Amit Pandeya
Pradeep Ramarathnam
Bikash Mohapatra
Shambhu Shankar

Kedar Sastry
Mukund Sridhar
Suraj Balakrishnan
+ 1

8th with 25 points
Vibhendu Tiwari
Dhananjay Shettigar
Francis Rodrigues
Sharath Manian

I've missed out the names of a few latecomers, and will fill them in once my operatives in the field get me the information.

And here come the league standings.

BQC Season three Standings (from nine quizzes, as of August 3, 2008)

44 points
Rajiv Rai (from 7 quizzes)

42.5 points
Amit Varma (9)

39 points
Sumant Srivathsan (9)

35.5 points

Rishi Iyengar (6)

26.5 points

Aadisht Khanna (5)

25.5 points

Ananya Deb (6)

24 points
Kedar Sastry (9)
Vibhendu Tiwari (7)

22 points
Amit Pandeya (9)

21 points
Ameya Samant (6)
Udatta Duarah (7)

20 points

Govind Grewal (8)
Rohit Ajitkumar (2)
Shrikant Narasimhan (2)

19.5 points
Pradeep Ramarathnam (8)

19 points
Sumit Roy (5)

17 points

Avinash Mudaliar (4)
Mahesh Murthy (2)

15.5 points
Akash Bansal (2)

14 points
Ajith Prabhakar (8)
Kaustuv Gupta (2)

10 points
Dhananjay Shettigar (?)
Mitul Kodali (2)
Rushi Bhavsar (2)
Sandeep Rajpurohit (4)
Sandip Sen (2)
Sireesh Talluri Rao (3)

9 points
Mukund Krishnan (4)

8 Points

Akanksha Mohan (2)
Anand Sivasankar (5)
Brian D'Souza (5)
S Balakrishnan (3)

7.5 points
Sarat Rao (5)

7 points

Ajay Ravindran (4)
Atulya B (?)
Kaustubh Chakravarti (1)
Mukund Sridhar (4)
Raamesh Gowri Raghavan (2)
Rahul Bhaskar (3)
V Sreeharsha (1)
Vijay Shankar (?)

6 points
Souvik Basu (?)

5.5 points
Francis Rodrigues (8)
Janardhan R (1)
Leo Mirani (1)
Nrupal Chaudhari (3)
Prasann Potdar (2)
Rasik Tirodkar (1)
Vikram Joshi (2)

4 points
Ravi Venkatesh (?)
Neelabh (?)

The next quiz takes place on August 24. More details will follow on this blog.