Friday, June 09, 2006

Directions to reach SOM, IIT Bombay.

Hi All,

Me back with the directions - this time to the Shailesh Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay.

1. Central Railway Line (applies to outstation participants):

Take a slow train towards Thane and get down in KanjurMarg on the Eastern Side.
The venue is around 4 kms from the Railway Station. So hop onto an auto.

2. Western Railway Line (applies to participants from town):

Change at Dadar and follow Route 1.

3. From North Bombay (Borivali / Kandivali)

BEST Bus - 398 (if you want to enjoy your ride through Aarey Colony), 498 (if you want to enjoy the bumpy ride on JVLR), 461, A-461.


Time and date : 11th June, Sunday, 10.30 am
Venue : Foyer, Shailesh Mehta School, IIT Mumbai, Powai

Thursday, June 08, 2006

AV Quiz this weekend ...


Am just confirming the Av quiz this weekend. A big thanks to Sadanand and the IIT Bombay guys for hosting us this weekend ...

Time and date : 11th June, Sunday, 10.30 am

Venue : Foyer, Shailesh Mehta School, IIT Mumbai, Powai

Teams of two.

In case, you have problems reaching the venue, contact : 98118 01913

Can you guys send a confirmation mail to me, so that i can make the copies, improvise on rounds accordingly ...

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Notification for last weekend's quiz was to be put up on the blog by Milo and Minderbinder. He forgot. It's amazing how inspite of this, 10 (hardcore at best and jobless at not their best) quizzers turned up at Prabhadevi for the Rohan Murarka quiz at 4:30 on Sunday evening.

Then we waited, at the terrace, for the Quiz Master. When the wait lasted for fifteen minutes and fifty bad puns, we called up Rohan who said that he was at Dadar. Then we waited for twenty more minutes. Water was had. Coke was hand. Coke ran out, then water ran out as well. Rohan would have reached Worli considering how late it was getting. The Saint was threatening to run towards the Grand Prix.

Then suddenly Rohan was spotted down below (we were at the terrace) and soon we started quizzing.

Much fun came through the mix of workable questions, a lot of which were answered by educated guesses. One question which foxed us a lot was this old man who was Rohan's favourite (we didn't ask why). Try guessing...Back to the quiz, it was a close affair in the end, made remarkable by the fact that all of us got to eat crunchy granola bars in the middle (joy of quizzing in a stocked up house). Amongst other questions, the opera which got inspired by a play on Parisian artists in 1890s and what came from "when you peel off the fake ____, you will get the real ____" were appreciated. Rohan will hopefully send us some of the better questions for this post - soon.

In the end, Milo and I won by 2 questions margin and three teams - the Saint & Rishi, Amit & Leslie, and Vibhendu, Ashish & Samrat (the cricket expert and super sub, who was expertly prevented from answering a cricket question by Amit) close behind (probably not in that order) separated by half a question each.

Then, to celebrate a quiz well made, we decided to do what we do best - give bumps to the quizmaster.
Anyone else willing to host or master a quiz, please let us know at our mailing list!