Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ingit brings it.

2013 has been a Landmark year for the Bombay Quiz Club, on more ways than one. Early this year, we got registered as a society which has opened up the possibility for us to operate on a more substantial scale. Mid-year, the quintessential Mumbai team,  Nawabs of Mahabs (Rajiv, Vibhendu, Gopal) won the Mumbai Landmark Quiz and marched ahead to win the national finals as well.  Throughout the year, BQC quizzers performed well in national and international written quizzes, while Vikram Joshi consistently churned out world top-10 scores. The Mumbai Quiz Festival 2013 was the biggest so far and has set the precedent for even more grandeur at the MQF 2014. While it was unfortunate that some regular BQC members had to leave for other cities, it was very comforting to see a good number of newcomers quizzing at the club on a regular basis. All in all, a good year.

So hosting the last quiz of this bumper year, we have someone who has had a great year himself. Coming out of a 15 year long quizzing hiatus, Venkatraghavan Sahasranaman won his debut landmark quiz in Pune this year, triggering a return of sorts to regular quizzing. He continued to do well throughout the year at Quizzes across the country, along with QM'ing a few as well, one of which he will be presenting this Sunday. We hope to see everyone there for one last time in 2013 to wish the BQC even more renown, success and glory in the coming year.

Quizmaster:  Venkatraghavan Sahasranaman

When: 3 PM, Sunday, 22nd Decemner 2013 (Please be there by 2:45 PM for team assignments)

  Where: Pinstorm, Ground Floor, Swati House (Next to Kotak Bank on Linking Road), North Avenue, Santa Cruz (W). 

Thursday, December 05, 2013

British Open (saturday) + MahaQuizzer & Asiasweep (sunday)

This weekend, apologise to your family and friends as Saturday morning is the only time you will get to spend with them. Once you finish lunch on saturday, questions and quizzers will keep you company right until sunday evening. Kicking off the written quiz bonanza will be the British Open Quiz Grand Prix, a written quiz consisting of 240 questions divided into 6 categories

 Art & Culture (history, philosophy, mythology, religion, fine art etc.)

• Civilisation (human geography, cultures, technology, current affairs etc.)

• Entertainment (all musical genres, literature, TV, radio, films, stage, dance, etc.)

• Lifestyle (health & fitness, celebrities, food & drink, fashion, handicrafts etc.)

• Physical World (physical geography, science, nature, flora & fauna etc.)

• Sport & Games (includes hobbies & pastimes, but mainly Sport in all its guises)

The Quiz will begin at 4pm on Saturday, 7th December at the Barista cafe on SV road in Santacruz West. Click here for location. Please register for this quiz by sending a mail to Registration is compulsary as we will have answer sheets for only those who have registered. Current list of registerees is  HERE.

On Sunday, we begin early with the  KQA Mahaquizzer solo quiz and move on to the Asiasweep Quiz for teams of 2. Both are written quizzes. More information is available HERE.

British open Quiz GP - (proctored by Shubhankar Gokhale)
Mahaquizzer and Asiasweep - KQA

British open Quiz GP - 4pm , Saturday, 7th December 2013
 MQ and Asiasweep - 10 am onwards.  Sunday, 8th December 2013

British open Quiz GP - Barista, SV road, (next to Yoko Sizzlers / Archies / Dynasty restaurant)         Santacruz West
MQ and Asiasweep - Pinstorm, Ground Floor, Swati House (Next to Kotak Bank on Linking Road), North Avenue, Santa Cruz (W).