Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A tight result in Arvind and Kartik's quiz

Arvind Krishnaswamy and Kartik Srivatsa conducted an excellent quiz at the Pinstorm office in Bandra last Sunday, which was decided on the last question. It was superbly tight until the end, and with one theme question to go, split up into three connects with four visuals each, two teams were tied on 13 points, with another team lurking behind on 12, and another on 11. There was a four-pointer bonanza at stake, and Sumant Srivathsan's team duly picked that up to catapult from third to first, with 16 points. Terrific excitement.

The results:

1st with 16 points
Sumanth Srivathsan
Amit Pandeya
Tanmay Sharma

Joint 2nd with 13 points
Amit Varma
Shambhu Shankar
Ajay Ravindran

AP Alagarsamy
Anand Sivasankar
Kartik R

4rd with 12.5 points
Rishi Iyengar
Francis Rodrigues
Siddharth Tata

5th with 8 points
Mahesh Murthy
Naveen Unni
Govind Grewal
Mukund Krishnan

6th with 7 points
Vibhendu Tiwari
Ravi Venkatesh
Souvik Basu

And now, the league standings:

BQC Aggregate Points Table (top ten as of February 21, 2007

Amit Varma: 41 from 7 quizzes

AP Alagarsamy: 36.5 from 5

Sumant Srivathsam: 31 from 4

Ravi Venkatesh: 29 from 6

Anand Sivasankar: 27.5 from 4

Vibhendu Tiwari: 26 from 5

Nandan Krishnaswamy: 22.5 from 5

Rishi Iyengar: 22 from 6

Naveen Unni: 21 from 4

Rajiv Rai: 21 from 3

The winner of the Bombay Quiz Club League, of course, will not be decided on aggregate standings, but from results from the top 60% of the total quizzes held. With eight quizzes so far this season, everyone's best five quizzes count. The effective leaderboard is below:

BQC Effective Leaderboard (top five as of February 21, 2007)

AP Alagarsamy: 36.5

Amit Varma: 35

Sumant Srivathsan: 31

Anand Sivasankar: 27.5

Ravi Venkatesh: 27

Now it gets exciting. The next quiz will be conducted on March 4, further details on this blog. Look out for it!

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