Thursday, August 18, 2011

Delhi Vs Mumbai

Travellers from the north used to bring news of a quizzer called Dr.Bhatta, calling him the most adept and cultivated quizzer they had seen. He had travelled far and wide, sparring his skills with duellers from the Dutch and Peruvian quizzing cliques. In this country, he garnered great acclaim for his tour de force in Mastermind and Tata Crucible, and also created the Kutub Quizzers, which has since churned out a bevy of Quizzers. He has now thrown down the gauntlet to us Mumbaikars, and we will have to turn out in numbers in order to put up a worthy fight. It is going to be chaotic, more chaotic than any purportless Anna Hazare public rally.

(A mole tells us that Dr.Bhatta. the Nat Geo champion, will load up on History and Geography for the quiz. We will have to use our secret weapon. It starts with a Vikram and ends with a Joshi.)

Quizmaster: Dr. S Bhattacharya
When: 3 PM, Sunday, 21st August, 2011 (Please be there by 2:45 PM for team assignments)
Where: Pinstorm, Ground Floor, Swati House (Next to Kotak Bank on Linking Road), North Avenue, Santa Cruz (W)

Directions: here

League table : here

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Vikster said...

Oh the pressure! My bladder can hardly stand it..