Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bombay Quiz Club

The stars are not in alignment thsi weekend. Therefore, the quiz scheduled on the 19th has been cancelled and rescheduled to the 26th. The quizmaster has changed as well. Ravi Venkatesh will be doing the quiz in place of Naveen Unni. Venue details will be posted later.

Peace, and Cthulhu fthagn.


Anonymous said...


Just read your blog. Nice to know Bombay has a quiz club. Have been looking for one for ages. Would it be ok for me to come to one of the club's quizzes....

Rishi said...

Santosh- Of course. The more the merrier and if you join the BQC, you will be eaten first by Great Cthulhu, sparing you from the horrors to come. You can sign up for annoucements at:\

This will help you talk to other members, set up your team, etc.