Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quiz on March 30

The official news is that quiz will happen. At 10:30 on Sunday morning, which might mean that everybody has to wake up a little early (especially those coming from Pune).

The venue is still being decided and these are but teething troubles (Quatrainman and others have assured us of help in getting places in wonderful literary institutions soon). However, how can we wait now that the questions are ready?

By the way, the front-runners for the venue are:
1) A place in Lower Parel known for its pricey starters and affinity to games, which it shows on a large screen
2) A large mall in a suburb which has a large food court but might be insanely crowded on Sundays.
3) A place in someone's house at Prabhadevi
4) A lawn in a wonderful literary institution somewhere close to Hiranandani

Voting is in progress and news will be out soon. You know the mail ids and phone numbers to contact.

Update: Venue decided - Huge Food Court, Inorbit Mall, Malad. The boys will be wearing kurtas.


Anonymous said...

How about scheduling it in the Afternoon(if possible). 10.30 am in Mumbai on Sunday is awfully early.

Jaldiquizzer said...


I believe 10:30 AM might be quite early for the folks from Pune.

We can start a couple of hours late.

This might be a bad place to canvas for Team partners.

Anyway, anyone willing to partner, kindly ping me a message on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I second that..Looks like the Organizers have scheduled a Movie at 12.30 or 1 AM. Having a meeting that early doesn't make sense.

- Nitin

Tanmay Sharma said...

hey guys i'm looking for a partner.

@aniruddha: i somehow can't access your blog so if you're still not hooked up by somebody me at 22024313/ 9422124521

Are we also supposed to get a few questions of our own? somebody enlighten me...

dhoomketu said...

The reason we are having a meeting this early is that we want to beat the heavy crowds...

By the way, this time there will be a quizmaster, so no need to bring your own questions.

Also, from June, we will have a proper classroom/ hall for this quiz, so we can be more flexible with times.