Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rajiv Rai stars again

A fair number of quizzers from Mumbai, many of them members of the BQC, took part recently in the Mahaquizzer and the World Quizzing Championships. Ashwan Lewis organised both of them most ably, with Landmark and Pinstorm being the respective venues. So how did we do?

Rajiv Rai topped in Mumbai for both quizzes. The Mahaquizzer results are here: Samanth Subramanian of Chennai won with 71 while Rajiv's score was 64. Twelve people from Mumbai finished in the top 100.

The WQC results are here, but the Mumbai results haven't been incorporated yet in their spreadsheet -- not that any of us were in contention. Arul Mani of the KQA came first in India and 10th in the world with 150. (The score for a contestant's best seven sections out of a total of eight of 30 questions each is taken.) The Mumbai results are below:

Mumbai round of the WQC, 2007 (80+ scores)

103 -- Rajiv Rai
94 -- Harikrishnan Menon
86 -- Arvind Krishnaswamy
84 -- Rishi Iyengar
81 -- S Balakrishnan
80 -- Govind Grewal

Section winners (out of 30)

Entertainment: 14 -- Rishi Iyengar, 12 -- Amit Varma, Govind Grewal, S Balakrishnan

Sports: 15 -- Rajiv Rai, 12 -- Anand Sivasankar, Arvind Krishnaswamy

Culture: 16 -- S Balakrishnan, 13 -- Harikrishnan Menon

Science: 16 -- Rajiv Rai, 15 -- Harikrishnan Menon

Lifestyle: 16 -- Samrat Sengupta, 15 -- Arvind Krishnaswamy

Media: 17 -- Amit Varma, 16 -- Arvind Krishnaswamy

World: 14 -- Rajiv Rai, 13 -- Harikrishnan Menon

History: 20 -- Rajiv Rai, 16 -- Govind Grewal, Harikrishnan Menon, Rishi Iyengar

So that's that. While we're at it, don't forget that the next BQC quiz is at 3pm on June 17 at the Pinstorm office. Directions here.

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