Monday, June 18, 2007

The BQC gets official

The Bombay Quiz Club began because a bunch of us wanted to get together and quiz once in a while. We were frustrated by the predominance of business quizzes in Mumbai, and wanted to start something that would enable quizzers to meet regularly for general quizzing. (See Dhoomketu's early post on this for more.)

As the months went by, we grew, and evolved. We began a journey from a handful to a horde, and our needs as a group changed. We needed more space to meet, and eventually found a stable venue in Pinstorm. And as time goes by, we might have to move beyond this as well. It is natural to now want to spread the kind of quizzing we do into schools and colleges, and to think of conducting big open quizzes once in a while.

All this takes money, and sponsors don't give money to individuals. For the BQC to have a bank account and function in a professional manner, we need to be incorporated as a club. And therefore, before our last quiz began, that is just what we discussed.

Many of the early stalwarts who founded the original BQC with me have since disappeared from the scene, so it was decided that we'd incorporate the club with Mahesh Murthy and me listed as founding members. Both of us opted out from taking a post on the executive board for different reasons, and elections were held to fill those positions. The BQC office bearers are:

President: Rajiv Rai
Secretary: Arvind Krishnaswamy
Treasurer: Sumant Srivathsan

The quizzing has been great fun, and now there'll be much more of it. Things are on the up.


Anonymous said...

"President: Rajiv Rai"

One of these days, someone will be asking a question about "My American Cousin" and Abraham Lincoln, and some old sockdolagizer will run up and shoot Rajiv.

Not that I wish him harm. Just saying, is all.


Maverick said...

hey guys,
congrats for all the work done so far... been some enjoyable times quizzing with you all and hope to rejoin soon...

good luck with the future...