Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Rai Roll continues

Mahesh Murthy's quiz held last Sunday was quite thrilling, with Rajiv Rai winning yet another quiz, as his team beat out eight other teams in a quiz that had over 100 questions. The results:

1st with 40.5 points
Rajiv Rai
Rishi Iyengar
Meghna Sengupta
Apoorva Tiwari

2nd with 38.5 points
AP Alagarsamy
Anand Sivasankar
Kartik Srivatsa

3rd with 22.5 points
Amit Pandeya
Arvind Krishaswamy
Abhishek Hariharan
Pratik Chaturvedi

I don't have all the names of the other six teams, and we'll no doubt have better record-keeping in the next season. This was the penultimate quiz this season, and the standings are:

BQC aggregate points table (as of April 3, 2007)

1. Amit Varma: 57 from 10 quizzes

2. AP Alagarsamy: 53.5 from 7

3. Rajiv Rai: 51 from 6

4. Anand Sivasankar: 42.5 from 7

5. Rishi Iyengar: 34 from 8

The winner of the Bombay Quiz Club League will not be decided on aggregate standings, but from results from the top 60% of the total quizzes held. The season will end with the next quiz, and everyone's top seven results will count. Here is the effective BQC leaderboard, adjusting for that.

BQC Effective leaderboard (as of April 3, 2007)

1. AP Alagarsamy: 53.5

2. Rajiv Rai: 51 (from six)

3. Amit Varma: 49

4. Anand Sivasankar: 42.5

5. Sumant Srivathsan: 33 (from five)

The next quiz will be held on April 15, and conducted by Rishi and me (and probably also Sumant, as it's a season-ender, and we want a big quiz with many questions.) Come one, come all...

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