Wednesday, April 25, 2007

AP Alagarsamy wins the BQC League

Before the BQC season finale, conducted by Prasann Potdar, we were sitting around in the Pinstorm conference room pulling Rajiv Rai's leg.

"We should have a trophy for the BQC League winner," Rajiv had said.

"Why don't you just get it made according to your specifications?" we said. "We all know who's getting to take it home."

Rajiv blushed. And across the table, a young man named AP Alagarsamy smiled. Clearly, he had cleared out a space on his mantlepiece already. David was going to beat Goliath.

Well, David is the new Goliath. Alagar came third in Prasann's quiz, beating out Rajiv for the BQC title. And so, for the last time this season, here are the results:

Prasann Potdar Quiz

1st with 160.5 points
Sumanth Srivathsan
Mahesh Murthy

2nd with 112.5 points
Rishi Iyengar
Vibhendu Tiwari
Samrat Sengupta

3rd with 95 points
AP Alagarsamy
Souvik Basu

Other finalists
Rajiv Rai
Nrupal Choudhari

Anand Sivasankar
Amit Pandeya

Dhananjay Shettigar
Amit Varma

The aggregate tally for the season runs thus:

BQC League Aggregate Tally

Amit Varma: 59 from 11 quizzes

AP Alagarsamy: 57.5 from 8

Rajiv Rai: 53 from 7

Anand Sivasankar: 44.5 from 8

Sumanth Srivathsan: 43 from 6

Rishi Iyengar, Prasann Potdar and Vibhendu Tiwari close out the top eight.

The BQC championship is decided based on everyone's results from the top 60% of the total quizzes held. Therefore, in a season of 12 quizzes, everyone's top seven results come into play. Here's the final table:

BQC Championship results 2006-07

AP Alagarsamy: 55.5

Rajiv Rai: 53

Amit Varma: 49

Sumant Srivathsan: 43 (from six)

Anand Sivasankar: 42.5

Congratulations to the new Goliath, AP Alagarsamy, who will no doubt be the target of many Davids in the season to come. Watch this space!


The Clerk said...

Im not sure i understood the point system... u said best 7 results, right? how come for rajiv u hv scored 7 quizzes while alagar's is from 8 quizzes? (or was that 7 & 8 the number of quizzes they have participated in?)

Anonymous said...

Lucifer, that's the aggregate table you're looking at, and signifies total number of quizzes participated in. That table is meaningless in terms of final league standings. The table to look at is BQC Championship Results, in which Alagar's best seven results are taken. He scored 57.5 from eight, but his best seven results gave him 55.5, which was enough for the title.

Just Kiddin said...

About time! Samy is the "pride of Hyderabad". Congrats mama.

- jk & bhargava (team members "samy and friends")

Anonymous said...


- bhargava & jk (team members "samy and friends)

Samrat said...

Congrats to Alagar, superb performances throughout the season.
Rajiv as usual was in a class of his own.

Thanks to Amit for showing the maximum enthusiasm ,and doing scoring and recordkeeping for almost all the quizzes.

and also Mahesh without whose assistance it would have been highly improbable for us to organize regular sessions.