Thursday, March 23, 2006

First Quiz on April 1

Plan is to meet at 11 am or so and quiz.

The time, venue and format is still up for debate.
The options for the format are:

1) Lone-Wolf/ Team Quiz (if there are more than 20 confirmed participants) - Prelims followed by Finals
2) Quiz Party - Everyone brings in 10 'original'* questions and we have questions with beer.

The 2nd option seems more feasible for the first quiz meeting. Send in your comments/ suggestions/ confirmations.

Also, current choices for venue are Cafe Mondegar and Tea Centre. If anyone can offer a better quieter place, it would be nice.

We have 6 confirmed attendees. We think it's a start.

* original here stands for new, researched, factual questions which you can legitimately call your own. It's nicer that way.


Rishi said...

Sure. Just a suggestion: perhaps you should modify that second option to 10 *original* questions though not from the pr0no school of originality.

dhoomketu said...

Agreed. Made the change.

Dhananjay Shettigar said...

Hi, I am Dhananjay.
Stumbled upon this blog by accident. Was planning on a Bombay Quiz Club for quite some time, without any general consensus. Am keen on coming down for the quiz along with a few quizzing mates.
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Cell no: 09821842410

Unknown said...

Isn't 11 a.m. a bit too early for Cafe Mondegar? Maybe some time in the afternoon onwards.

We used to do a pub quiz in Bandra sometime back complete with scoreboard and booze for prizes. After a good year of doing that, the enthu seemed to just run out. Hope it doesnt happen with this.

dhoomketu said...

Welcome. Would love to see you there. I think the 10 questions per person looks like a good format for starters. We can decide the stakes there.

Last Friday I had breakfast at Mondy's at 9. The place is amazing for breakfast actually. Was wondering if we could advance the time to 10 instead!! Let's see how other's react.

Dhananjay Shettigar said...

Could you postpone it to afternoon? Coz., I will be at my workplace (Cuffe Parade) till 1 pm. Will still try to come if the original plan is stuck to, though cannot be 100% sure.

Anonymous said...

dude i love quizzin and think organising a quiz club is a great idea. However Sat mornin is really inconvenient 4 most ppl. Dont you guys have to work or something (or in my case go to college 4 practs)

Rishi said...

SEcond that: Sunday is ideal, late afternoon on Saturday unlikely, but possible.

Dhananjay Shettigar said...

This was the major hurdle that I faced when I toyed with the idea of a quiz club around 3 months back. Timings that would suit the majority and more importantly, a central location where junta could meet up, say once a month. Can someone staying near Dadar scout for possible permanent location.
I would go with Saturday afternoon. Because, people coming down from the suburbs on Sundays seems very unlikely.
And can someone post this on quiznet? I'm sure you will get a better response. Though, too many cooks spoil the broth :)