Thursday, March 30, 2006

Final Details of First Quiz Meet

After looking at comments and a couple of mails, it seems like 11 am is too early for most. Hence, here are the details for the first quiz meet.

Venue: Tea Center, Churchgate (It's quieter)
Time: 12:30 pm
Format: Everyone brings 10 questions (any format, audio, video, visuals, dry)
  1. Decide on how to take Bombay Quiz Club forward (including deciding a better venue)
  2. Have fun while quizzing on 'original' quiz questions.
In case of any questions/ confirmations/ requests to hold on for a minute while you arrive with refreshments in tow, call Milo at 9833115875 or Dhoomketu at 9811801913.


Jaldiquizzer said...
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dhoomketu said...

Yes, would love it if you can attend. This time we are putting this up in a place which is accessible by train (but yes, way down South is a problem)

One of the things we will decide tomorrow is where to hold further such meetings. I was hearing some calls for Prabhadevi, but as of now, don't have a place to hold it in. We should also probably have it in various locations by rotation.

Let's discuss this for sure.

Unknown said...

so what happened?

sorry was out of town - couldn't make it ...