Friday, May 02, 2014


We will have our MCBC Cup 2014 (Sports Quiz for Individuals ) on this Sunday on 04th May at Pinstorm (Santa Cruz West) at 11 am (not an usual 3 pm start).
Quiz Masters: Shubhankar "Tour De France" Gokhale and Anannya "East Bengal" Deb
The format of the quiz is as follows:
50 Questions spread out over 4 stages
Stage 1 "Qualifiers": 50 questions, written, open to all who land up and have a writing instrument with them; top 12 scores qualify for next stage, rest metamorphose into audience (or go off for lunch)
Stage 2 "Top 12": 40 questions, Written + IR, Bottom 4 drop out
Stage 3 "Top 8": 36 questions, IR + Lazy Pounce
Stage 4 "Voila Champs Elysee" : 24 questions, Mastermind format (specialised topics) + Pounce
Scores will carry forward to the next round. All questions carry 2 points. Part points will be at the discretion of the quiz master.

There are cash prizes for the top 4
Champion: Rs 750
Runner Up: Rs. 500
3rd & 4th place: Rs 250

Best Under-21 performer: Rs 250
- Subject to a minimum of 5 participants
- Age proof will be required
Please be there by 11 am as we plan to start the proceedings on time.

 Where: Pinstorm, Ground Floor, Swati House (Next to Kotak Bank on Linking Road), North Avenue, Santa Cruz (W). 


Anonymous said...

quiz-- WQC 2014

date-- 7 june(saturday)

(also congratulations to BQC for
bringing irish open & norway open
to india)

Abhinav Dasgupta said...

Thanks, Anon. Must specially mention the name of Govind Grewal for Irish.

Anonymous said...

international solo written quizzes--

irish open
norway open
german open
dubai brainbuster quiz
british open


Anonymous said...

congratulations to---

vikram joshi--- for winning both

kqa mindsweep & WQC.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to vikram joshi for his fantastic win of the World Quizzing Championship 2014

Ronny Swigggers, Belgium

Anonymous said...

congratulations to---

vikram joshi
rahul kottalgi
shouvik guha ----

----------the top 3 indian rankings
in WQC 2014.

Anonymous said...

next international solo written quiz---

GERMAN OPEN--- 4 october(saturday)

240 questions-- 6 categories (art&culture,civilization,entertainment,lifestyle,physical world,sports &leisure)