Friday, February 03, 2012

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Literature Quiz 2012

Anannya Deb, Sumant Srivathsan and Vibhendu Tewari, on behalf of the Bombay Quiz Club, cordially request your presence at the Literature Quiz conducted annually as part of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival's Literature calendar. This year's edition is the fourth of its kind, and therefore, it will not have a name, and we will refer to ourselves by obscure symbols that Robert Langdon will spend his next novel appearance deciphering. Yes, Govind Grewal, this is a Led Zeppelin reference. And a Dan Brown reference too, but you won't hold that against us, I hope.

When: Saturday, 11 February 2012. We start at 5 PM, so please be there at least 15 minutes earlier.

Where: Bombay Natural History Society Auditorium, Hornbill House, Kala Ghoda. Here's the Google Maps listing, where you can find directions, bus routes and a strangely named location called Lion Gate.

The Rules:
  • Teams of two. If you're flying solo, we'll play Stags will not be turned away. In fact, nobody will be turned away. Not even Salman Rushdie.
  • Bring a pen and something to support a sheet of paper. There will be a written elimination round.
  • The top six teams will qualify for the finals, wherein there will be blood. We don't mean the film based on Upton Sinclair's short story Oil!.
  • We need help hiding the bodies once the winners have been identified, so please do stick around and watch the finals. Don't make us lock the doors.
  • We're serious about the door-locking.
The Prizes:
  • They exist. In cash. Just don't plan to finance your vacation. It will suffice, however, to buy the drinks when you win.
  • There is also a second and a third prize. You can sponsor the soft drinks that people put into their drinks.
  • If you're underage, ask your parents what to do with your loot. Ask them for books.

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Terrific post.

You have made the quiz sound so much fun, that I can not wait to attend.