Thursday, June 09, 2011

Mahaquizzer 2011 Results

Mumbai contestants in the Mahaquizzer Top 100:
Rajiv Rai 75
Harikrishnan Menon 73
Sumant Srivatsan 67
Vinoo Sanjay 67
Mukund Sridhar 65
Anannya Deb 64
Balakrishnan S 58
Vibhendu Tiwari 55
Vikram Joshi 52
Govind Grewal 52
Abhinav Dasgupta 48
Nikhil Sonde 48
Pravin Varma 48
Prasann Potdar 46
Anil Kothuri 46
Sumo 43
Aditya Gadre 40
Chandrachud Basavaraj 37
Anand Sivashankar 36
Srinath 36

Ladies Winner Preyoshi Ganguly 29
College Winner Pranav Shetty 27

Rest of the results:

1 comment:

Varun Pai said...

Do bangalore and Hyd have better quizzers (doesnt matter really, just an observation)

The point is, being in Mumbai life's priorities get sorted out so fast - doesnt matter if you have your own car, or travel by train - the commuting and distance (and the effort) - well, a quiz be better worth the trouble. So i know more students who turn up when they know a bizquiz is being done by someone rated high (say Dhananjay) but not as many takers for Brand Equity quiz (where even the prize money has been pathetic - less than the entry fee, if you are a finalist)

Bombay continues to attract as well as nurture the best talent, only unlike in Bangalore, daily and weekend life in Mumbai is sooo strenuous you have to chose your priorities. And some very good quizzards know they'd prefer their family/ functions or work at home during the weekend. This also includes folks who've moved here from Bangalore (like me) who were passionate quizzers.

Hope to see more higher scorers from Mumbai in the future...