Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jesus Meets Sisyphus

So there's this story about Jesus going for a walk on the hillside when he comes across a dude in a Greek costume rolling a stone uphill. "How now, Sisyphus," he says. "Long time no see. Strange that we always meet here, no?"

"You can kiss my buttockular region," says Sisyphus, who seems irritable for some reason. "And hey, I heard you were dead. What're you doing up and about?"

"I returned to tell the world about this 11th Commandment I thought of," said Jesus. "Coming to think of it, it's especially apt for you. Wanna hear?"

"Yes, but hurry up, I got a stone to roll."

"Ya, whatever. Ok, here's the 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Be Patient.


And on that note, an apology for this extremely late post, which shall encompass the results of three Sundays, when good Christians go to church, good quizzers head over to the BQC and Sisyphus does that rock 'n roll thing on a hill somewhere. Brace yourselves.

First up, Udatta Duarah conducted a quiz on September 21, which was, as usual, closely contested. Sumant Srivathsan's team, well down in the points at the halfway mark, made a late surge to win the quiz on the last question. Rajiv Rai's team was second. The results:

1st Sumant Srivathsan + Atul Mathew + 1, 2nd Rajiv Rai + Sumit Roy + 1, 3rd Aadisht Khanna + Vijay Chittoor + Manish Mishra

On October 5, Nishant Gupta conducted the 13th BQC quiz of the season. This was again a close quiz, with the top two teams scoring 73 and 71 respectively. The results:

1st Rajiv Rai + Pradeep Ramarathnam + Rahul Gaur + Francis Rodrigues, 2nd Sumit Roy + Sandip Sen + Atul Mathew + Brian D'Souza 3rd Sumant Srivathsan + Vijay Shankar + Kaustuv Gupta +1

In the weeks following this result, we had a slight mix-up, as we thought at one point that we didn't have a full quiz available for October 19. So that quiz got cancelled, and then kind gents volunteered questions, and we ended up having a non-comp quiz. Rahul Gaur and Sumant Srivathsan conducted half a quiz each, and it was outstanding stuff, and a pity that the points didn't count. I don't have the results with me, but I do remember first place:

1st Amit Varma + Aadisht Khanna + Shambhu Shankar

All in vain. Anyway, the points table now stands thus:

BQC Season three Standings (from thirteen quizzes, as of October 19, 2008)

69 points
Rajiv Rai

53 points
Sumant Srivathsan

42.5 points
Amit Varma
Rishi Iyengar

40.5 points
Aadisht Khanna

37 points
Sumit Roy

31 points

Vibhendu Tiwari

29.5 points
Pradeep Ramarathnam

27 points
Rohit Ajitkumar

26 points
Souvik Basu

25.5 points

Anannya Deb

25 points
Udatta Duarah

24 points
Ajith Prabhakar
Atul Mathew
Kedar Sastry

22 points
Amit Pandeya

21 points
Ameya Samant
Sandip Sen

20 points

Govind Grewal
Shrikant Narasimhan

18 points
Kaustuv Gupta
Vijay Shankar

17 points
Avinash Mudaliar
Mahesh Murthy

15.5 points
Akash Bansal
Francis Rodrigues

15 points
Brian D'Souza

14 points
Atulya B
Mitul Kodali

10 points

Bikash Mohapatra
Dhananjay Shettigar
Kashyap Pandeya
Rahul Gaur
Rushi Bhavsar
Sandeep Rajpurohit
Sireesh Talluri Rao
Srini Rajagopal

9 points
Mukund Krishnan

8 Points

Akanksha Mohan
Anand Sivasankar
Manish Mishra
S Balakrishnan

7.5 points
Sarat Rao

7 points

Ajay Ravindran
Avinash Umapathy
Kaustubh Chakravarti
Mukund Sridhar
Raamesh Gowri Raghavan
Rahul Bhaskar
V Sreeharsha

5.5 points
Janardhan R
Leo Mirani
Nrupal Chaudhari
Prasann Potdar
Rasik Tirodkar
Vikram Joshi

4 points
Ravi Venkatesh
Rajendra Parmar
Vijay Chittoor

We have many exciting quizzes coming up, and a schedule for the next few quizzes will be put up shortly. Be, um, patient!


Sarko Sightings said...

So what I want to know is how if Jesus called some guy dude, what is the translation into Hebrew? Thanks for you blog!

Anonymous said...

I look like Jesus's secretary to you or what? Or his Hebrew teacher? You wanna know why he uses the language he uses, you ask him.

Also, I got this snazzy new multi-level marketing scheme that involves rolling stones uphill. Immense potential for growth. Let me know if anyone is interested.