Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Landmark Boys Assert Themselves

A few weeks ago, Rajiv Rai, Sumant Srivathsan and Vibhendu Tiwari combined to win the Landmark Quiz in Pune. The three of them asserted themselves at the latest BQC quiz as well: Sumant and Vibhendu won the quiz on Sunday, conducted by Ajay Ravindran, and Rajiv leapt to the top of the BQC League standings by coming second.

Ajay's quiz was painstakingly compiled, but the afternoon was riddled by goof-ups. First there were software issues with the presentation of the quiz; then there was a scoring goof-up (mea culpa); finally, there was yet another software goof-up that led to the excel file on which the teams were saved doing mysterious things, culminating in the record of the teams getting wiped out (Bill Gates culpa). Anyway, after much reconstruction of events, here are the top three teams of the day:

1st place
Sumant Srivathsan
Vibhendu Tiwari
Dhananjay Shettigar
Akash Bansal
Rohit Ajitkumar

2nd place
Rajiv Rai
Udatta Duarah
Sumit Roy
Kaustuv Gupta

3rd place
Aadisht Khanna
Ravi Venkatesh
Souvik Basu
Akanksha Mohan

After eight quizzes, this is how the BQC standings look:

BQC Season three Standings (from eight quizzes, as of July 20, 2008)

42 points
Rajiv Rai (from 6 quizzes)

37 points
Sumant Srivathsan (8)

35.5 points

Rishi Iyengar (6)

32.5 points
Amit Varma (8)

24 points
Kedar Sastry (8)
Vibhendu Tiwari (6)

22 points
Amit Pandeya (8)

21 points
Udatta Duarah (7)

20 points

Govind Grewal (7)
Shrikant Narasimhan (2)

19.5 points
Aadisht Khanna (4)
Pradeep Ramarathnam (7)

17 points

Avinash Mudaliar (4)
Mahesh Murthy (2)
Sumit Roy (4)

15.5 points
Akash Bansal (2)
Ananya Deb (5)

14 points
Ajith Prabhakar (7)

11 points
Ameya Samant (5)

10 points
Dhananjay Shettigar (?)
Mitul Kodali (2)
Rohit Ajitkumar (1)
Sandeep Rajpurohit (4)
Sandip Sen (2)

8 Points
Akanksha Mohan (2)
Anand Sivasankar (5)
Brian D'Souza (5)
S Balakrishnan (3)
Sireesh Talluri Rao (2)

7 points
Ajay Ravindran (4)
Kaushtubh Chakravarti (1)
Kaushtuv Gupta (1)
Mukund Krishnan (3)
Mukund Sridhar (3)
Raamesh Gowri Raghavan (2)
Rahul Bhaskar (3)
V Sreeharsha (1)

5.5 points
Francis Rodrigues (7)
Janardhan R (1)
Leo Mirani (1)
Nrupal Chaudhari (3)
Prasann Potdar (2)
Rasik Tirodkar (1)
Sarat Rao (4)
Vikram Joshi (2)

4 points
Ravi Venkatesh (?)
Souvik Basu (?)
Neelabh (?)

You can also view an excel sheet of the league table, with details of each quiz, here. Our thanks to Aadisht Khanna for putting this together.

The next quiz is on August 3. Shiv Anant Tayal conducts. More details will follow on this blog.


Rohit said...

Hey guys my name is not Rohit Bhat it's Rohit Ajitkumar.

Anonymous said...

Changed, Rohit. I was unsure about the name, but young Aadisht thought it was Bhat. Anyway, corrected now.

Rohit said...

Thanks. Waiting for the next quiz.