Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Quizzes Sweep Past

The BQC hasn't quite been inactive of late, but it's certainly been out of the public eye, mainly due to the results of our quizzes not being updated here -- entirely the fault of this blogger. There are two quizzes that took place recently that went unreported. Here are the brief reports:

On January 19, when our designated quizmaster for the day failed to turn up, Rajiv Rai and Amit Pandeya conducted half a quiz each. They were also in the winning team. How's that, you ask? Well, each took part in the half of the quiz that he did not conduct, instead of the other. Amit excelled in the second half of the quiz, which Rajiv conducted.

Sadly, the scoresheet mysteriously went missing, but here are the results as we can reproduce them:

1st Rajiv Rai, Amit Pandeya, Souvik Basu and X, 2nd Vibhendu Tiwari, Ajith Prabhakar and Mukund Krishnan, 3rd Sumant Srivathsan, Ameya Samant and Kishalaya Bhattacharjee

On February 3, Pradeep Ramarathnam and Arun Srinivas conducted half a quiz each -- and took part in the half they didn't conduct. The results:

1st with 25 points
AP Alagarsamy
Ajith Prabhakar
Devang Ghia

2nd with 24 points
Govind Grewal
Souvik Basu
Kedar Sastry

3rd with 22 points
Sumant Srivathsan
Sarat Rao
Brian D'Souza
Pradeep Ramarathnam

4th with 18 points
Amit Varma
Dhananjay Shettigar
Francis Rodrigues

5th with 14 points
Vibhendu Tiwari
Anand Sivasankar
Ameya Samant
Sriram Krishnan

6th with 5 points
Prasann Potdar
Kartik R
Sushil Menon

Our league table functions thus: The members of the team coming first get 10 points, the runners up get 7, and the team coming third gets 4. The standings:

BQC Season Two Standings (from 21 quizzes, as of February 3, 2007)

116.5 points
Rajiv Rai (from 15 quizzes)

78 points
Rishi Iyengar (17)

69 points

Amit Varma (18)

64 points
Sumant Srivathsan (17)

62 points
Prasann Potdar (15)

59 points
Ajith Prabhakar (16)

58.5 points
Vibhendu Tiwari (18)

52 points
Kedar Sastry (14)

48 points
Ashwan Lewis (8)

47.5 points
AP Alagarsamy (15)

47 points

Govind Grewal (16)

40 points
Ameya Samant (17)

38 points
Amit Pandeya (11)

37.5 points
Mukund Krishnan (10)

35 points
S Balakrishnan (12)

34.5 points
Devang Ghia (19)
Souvik Basu (?)

33 points
Pradeep Ramarathnam (13)

28 points
Mahesh Murthy (6)
Anand Sivasankar (16)

24 points
Kartik Srivatsa (5)

22 points
Sarat Rao (?)

20 points
Shambhu Shankar (?)

18 points
Avinash Mudaliar (8)
Kartik R (?)

17 points
Ravi Venkatesh (6)

16.5 points

Dhananjay Shettigar (11)

14 points
Samrat Sengupta (5)
Udatta Duarah (6)

11 points
Ajay Ravindran (4)
Meghashyam Shirodkar (3)
Nandan Krishnaswamy (6)
Atulya Bharadwaj (2)

10 points
Aravinda Talluri (1)
Neeraj (1)
Nilesh Jain (1)
Tanmay Sharma (2)
Gaurav Singh (1)
Raghu (?)
Sritanu Chakravarty (3)
Sowmya Ramaswamy (1)
Hansraj Singh (1)
John Mascarenhas (3)
Vaibhav Devanathan (1)
Sameer Nair (2)
Movin Miranda (1)

8 points
Hanisha Vaswani (5)
Francis Rodrigues (10)

7 points
Akshay Mahajan (1)
Rahul Bhaskar (3)
Saurav (?)
Nrupal Choudhari (?)
Harshil Shah (1)
Devangshu Datta (1)

4 points
Padma Sinha (3)
Pranav Kukreja (1)
Sireesh Talluri Rao (7)
Sushant Raut (5)
Chitra Raghunath (1)
Arvind Krishnaswamy (5)
Sandeep Randery (1)
Sandip Sen (3)
Kishalaya Bhattacharjee (1)
Brian D'Souza (1)

The next quiz will be conducted on February 17 by Ajith Prabhakar and Udatta Duarah.

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