Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quiz in Pune, Taxi from Bombay

Gaurav Sabnis is doing a quiz in Pune on April 23rd.

My only experience with Pune quizzing was not that great, but that might have been because of our state. That was two years ago.

However, I do remember that the structure of the questions were innovative. Example:
"Matthew Hayden, Jennifer Capriati, Courtney Love, Lisa Marie Pressley and two others connected to Friends as one of the answers to a six-part visual question."
Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa, Matt and David....

Workable, but not on a hangover!

Anyways, I am going again and so is he and he. Maybe more as well. Please write in to me or Amit, or leave a comment. We will take attendance next week. The trip itself should be fun.

P.S. Looks like we will be able to pull a Bombay Open Quiz on 29th. Venue is still undecided. So, are quizmasters, though Milo and NU have expressed mild interest.

If someone can offer a classroom, hall somewhere (or even a large room), we will be obliged.


Tanmay Sharma said...

great job guys...this is Tanmay here who's really glad something like this is happening in bombay(also thankful that its not the "mumbai" quiz club)....i'll be there for the next meeting, come what may...and will keep cheching this blog....

contact#- 9422124521

Nyayapati Gautam said...


Nice to know that a quiz club is being finally being formed here in Mumbai. Tried to do the same a decade and a half back. No luck.:-(

Meanwhile you might want to try this quiz on my Blog:

Plan to have a series of quizzes on Indian HistorY, Culture and Mythology.

k_chinmay said...
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k_chinmay said...

Std 12 HSC can be quite relentless.
And provides little time for " unwanted social and extra-curricular activities."

But will surely try to be there on the 29th.

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